DIY clothes line

I have always planned on anchoring the clothes line in concrete but never seem to get around to it.  Bill picked up the concrete mix about a week ago.  Monday  when we had to take Shoes to the vet Bill decided to anchor the line for me.

I knew where I wanted it  because it has been in the same place for he last three years.  I had just pounded the pole into the ground which worked – as long as the ground was not soft and you balanced the laundry just right. There was more than once when laundry had to be re-washed due to the pole falling over and the clothes ending up on the ground.

Old clothes line leaning to the north!

Old clothes line leaning to the north!


First we had to use the post hole diggers to make a hole about a foot deep and about a foot wide.

Digging the hole

Digging the hole

Next I had to get out the wheel barrel and the hose so that he could mix up the concrete. We used a mix that only required water to be added.

Concert mix

Concrete mix

Dump the concrete in the wheel barrel and add the recommended amount of water and mix well with a hoe.

Ready to pour

Ready to pour

Pour the concrete in the hole about one-third of the way and add the pole. Move the pole around a bit to make sure it is in contact with the concert. The pole should remain upright on its own. Do not use the pole attached to your clothes line. Use a pole that is a bit larger because the pole attached to the line will slide down into the anchored pole. The reason  for this is that the clothes line can be removed from the anchored  pole in the winter for storage and if the main clothes line ever needs to be replaced all you have to do is lift and replace.

Finish filling the hole and level out the cement with a trowel making sure to lightly compact it.  Use a level to make sure the pole is level and not leaning.

Finishing the concrete base

Finishing the concrete base

Wait 24 hours for the cement to dry before adding the insert which is the original clothes line pole.

Important: Wash all tools with clear water before storage.

Always clean up your clutter mess.

Always clean up your clutter mess


After 24 hours use a drill to make two drain holes  near the bottom of the anchor pole to prevent rain water from collecting in the anchor pole. This will allow the water to drain so that mosquitoes will not breed and also to prevent water from freezing in the pole resulting in a busted pole. Add a cap over the top of the pole when the main clothesline is in storage.



Update on Shoes – the medicine seems to be working. She has gone to the bathroom normally and is active. She loves the pill pockets and begs for more.

Do you have any more?

Do you have any more?

 I did not get as much done yesterday as I had planned because i had to help at another funeral dinner. The thirteenth one this year on the 13th. Strange. I was a little late getting there because i wanted to make sure Shoes want to the bathroom before I left the house. It never mattered much because they were just sitting and waiting for people to bring in food when I got there which is unusual. Usual everyone is busy cooking. We were bombarded with more people than we expected and had to run to the store to pick up some chicken and potato salad. I had planned on stopping at Home Depot to get more cement blocks after the dinner;however, we did not get finished until very late so I just want home.

 Once home I hoed out the poison ivy under the side swing and chopped the weeds around the well. Two things that were on my “to-do” list – which keeps getting longer.

Challenge for August 14th is to declutter the outside storage shed.




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